About us

The core value of our organisation is to work with Multicultural women to guide and support them stand up for themselves by looking out for their well-being and bettering their mental health and embrace their best self, inside and out. We want to see women participating in, and contributing to our community.

The Kritha is the best, safest, most inclusive and welcoming space for multicultural women around Melbourne.

We want to see women embrace their femininity.We want to see know their worth and be self-sufficient. We want to see the wider community respect women’s voice, culture, identity, rights, and aspirations. We want to see women having strong sense of self-expression and being heard in all the issues that, in any matter, affect them.

This is our work, Kritha teams work on the ground consistently bringing women together through different programs such as Festive Gathering, School holiday camping, Family camping, fitness and meditation sessions, mental well-being sessions, knowledge sharing sessions and Global Kitchen activities. We organize weekly and annual events and deliver our unique training in health, respectful relationships, cultural awareness leadership, and employment pathways. These programs help women grow as a better person to accomplish their desire in their lives.

We are here to provide a better space for multicultural women and for that, we must work, talk, learn and grow together.